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Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

Sep 29, 2021

John 15:13 teaches us that man has no greater act of love than to lay down his life for his friend. Throughout the Bible, there are many examples of the four different kinds of love. Dr. Corral shares why one category of love known as “agape” is the greatest of all.  Visit to learn more and

Sep 17, 2021

Join Dr. Michelle Corral for this special teaching on how the Bible foreshadows atonement through sacrifice. Learn about God’s promise of preservation in the midst of devastation that is revealed to us within scripture. Visit to learn more and to...

Sep 10, 2021

What does the Bible say about dreams? Dr. Corral shares what scripture teaches us about what the Holy Ghost can reveal to us through dreams and visions. Visit to learn more and to...

Sep 1, 2021

Dr. Corral is joined by her granddaughter, Gia Chacon, who founded For the Martyrs Inc. to help persecuted Christians around the world. Hear her testimony and learn more about the work she is doing for religious freedom. Visit to learn more and to...