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Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

May 31, 2022

This week’s podcast episode is a teaching on the power of the Holy Ghost. Dr. Michelle Corral teaches what it means to feel the Holy Ghost and the historical figures that were pivotal to revival and social equity during the time of the Jim Crow Laws. 

May 27, 2022

How do you arrive at a place of supernatural promise and purpose? Did you know heaven orchestrated and coordinated miraculous moments with destiny for Ruth. ? In this episode Dr. Corral teaches why God blessed Ruth with uncommon favor in the fields of Boaz. Through this teaching, you will learn the biblical success...

May 25, 2022

Do you need a mountain moved in your life? God has promised us in his word that nothing shall be impossible to you. Jesus said in Mark 11:23; if you say to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt in your heart you will receive what you say. God wants to bring you into faith like Noah who acted...

May 20, 2022

The Bible says “Greater Works shall you do than these shall you do because I go to my father.”   

~ John 14:12  

Your destiny is to move mountains and live in the impossible. Jesus said, "nothing shall be impossible to you."

~Matthew 17:20

Find out why in today's episode:

Miraculous Manifestations of Baptism In The...

May 18, 2022

In the book of Acts, the text teaches there is a defined difference between prophecy, prophesying, and the office of the prophet. Did you know that through a prophetic word given in a congregation that had the spiritual substance, to understand it saved the Christians in Jerusalem from a famine?   

Learn how the spirit...