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Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

Jun 30, 2022

What is the difference between the sign of tongues and the gift of tongues?  In this episode, Dr. Corral will explain the difference and how you can receive the gifts of the holy spirit and receive the Holy Spirit. 

Jun 24, 2022

Join Dr. Michelle Corral for her third segment in The Attributes of Revival series. This segment focuses on how to depend on God in times when you feel his absence. Dr. Corral dives deep into scriptures on revival and how they influenced history and why they are relevant to your life and your destiny today. 

Jun 22, 2022

This week's podcast episode is a continuation of Dr. Michelle Corral‘s teaching on the attributes of revival. Listen to Dr. Corral’s teaching to hear how William Joseph Seymour and the Azusa Street Revival sparked a worldwide flame in a revival that changed history forever.

Jun 17, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Corral uses the supernatural secrets of revival at Azusa Street and compares them to the miraculous manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.  This teaching will re-awaken the personal promises and prophecies God spoke over your life. Like Jacob in his Bethel experience. You will be...

Jun 16, 2022

Are you curious about what “baptism in the Spirit” actually means? Listen to this week’s podcast episode to hear what this means and how it is relevant to your life. Dr. Michelle Corral breaks down what it means to be baptized in the spirit and what it means for you and your destiny!