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Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

Aug 30, 2022

Learn the scriptural secrets of what can constrain and restrain the glory of God in our life.  The scriptures teach us certain character traits that are incompatible with the glory of God.  Learn how the miraculous glory of God is revealed in your life. Dr. Corral will use Torah concepts with messianic meanings. Learn...

Aug 26, 2022

Jerusalem was destroyed, to be rebuilt.   In This Episode, Dr. Corral shows us how God will restore you out of your ruins. See How God will give you hope, and greatness, out of your trials and pain.  

Aug 24, 2022

The glory of God falls through sacrifice  Let Dr. Corral share with you about this glory.  God wants you to know you can bring that glory down.  

Aug 19, 2022

What can we learn about the supernatural secrets of miraculous revival from the Old Testament? Join Dr. Michelle Corral for this podcast episode as she teaches the supernatural secrets of revival and why they are relevant to your life and your God-given destiny!

Aug 18, 2022

Dr. Corral teaches you how to take back everything that that devil stole. Learn advanced Torah concepts that will move you into your destiny!